The most advanced football shin pads on the market.

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It has all started with a question... Why are so many football players not satisfied with their shin guards?

In a quick survey, we’ve asked 300 professional and amateur football players about how happy they were with their shin guards at the time. 87 % of them stated that they were not completely satisfied with the shin guards they were using. This made us think – how could it be that there are so many shin guards one can buy, but still, most players, including us, can’t find shin guards that they would really like.

Here is some more data we gathered from the survey:
12 % of the players don’t even use shin guards, because they feel shin guards hinder their performance on the field. In their experience shin guards were uncomfortable and/or didn’t stay in place, so instead, they are using foam, cardboard, paper or insoles to protect the shins somewhat.

74 % of the players have switched to another shin guard brand/model at least one time in the past two years because they were not satisfied with the shin guards they were using.

After all, what makes shin guards good? If we were to imagine the best possible shin guards, what sort of features would they have? And – how do we get there, how can we design and make such superior shin guards? These were the questions that guided us to come up with innovative ideas, do tons of research and testing on materials, try out different combinations, different ways of production. Finally, after a year of hard work, we have developed a product that has proved to be a benchmark in the world of football shin guards and we are very proud of it!

Nevertheless, this is only the beginning! We are already developing new products with the same dedication. Our goal is to improve football equipment and contribute to rendering this wonderful sport even more exciting!