The most advanced football shin pads on the market.

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New era of football shin guards!


When impacted molecules in the foam come closer to each other and create stronger bonds, this causes the collision force to disperse over a whole shin guard and not just at one single point. Inner site of foam is coated with special moisture repellent layer which means, guards will not absorb any sweat or other moisture.


Our shin guards are astonishingly light. One guard weighing 22-33 grams (depending on the size) they are the lightest shin guards out there, lighter than any plastic or carbon fiber ones. You will completely forget you are wearing them altogether.


The inner side of the 4kickerz shin guards is covered in a special Grip coated fabric, this results in 2 times more grip in contact with your skin in comparison to the closest competitor fabrics.


We have developed a new why for shin guards to stay in place no matter what. Our HYPER-LOCK technology will lock the shin guards to you socks. This means shin guards will stay in place at any given time.


Standard carbon fiber or plastic hard shell shin guards are rigid and can never fit the shape of your leg properly. 4kickerz shin guards are soft and fully flexible. They are incredibly comfortable to wear and most importantly, their form will adapt to match every leg shape. This means they will fit you perfectly every time. Needless to say, a better fit results in superior protection!


We strive for quality and customer satisfaction above all. We are committed to making the best shin guards and giving the customer a unique and exclusive product. Making compromises to minimize the costs of materials or manufacturing is not in our interest. 4kickerz shin guards are not a product of mass production, but rather every single shin guard is handmade.


The front side appearance of our Elite is our basic model and the graphics is set in advance, however, we have devised two options of customization, so you can make your shin guards even more special by giving them a personal touch. To have the desired front side graphic, you can choose between the ELITE and ELITE CUSTOM model.

We have developed a new way for a graphic to be imprinted onto the shin guard, as we wanted the print to match up to its flexibility. So our print is as flexible as the shin guards themselves. Furthermore, the graphic is durable and will not wash off or fade over time.